Privacy Policy

Privacy Overview

OOBIT adheres to the Privacy Act (1988), the National Privacy Principles and all subsequent legislation to the best of our ability. We respect the privacy of our website visitors and clients. We consider the responsible use of personal information to be vital and will not knowingly share any personal data with any third party other than our service providers. OOBIT reviews its Privacy policy and reserves the right to modify or remove or modify parts of this policy at any time, at its discretion.

OOBIT might use personal information collected from you to create marketing insights, identify consumer demand and potentially improve our service offering. In cases of this nature we will remove all references to your name or other personal identifier information. Personal information which includes but is not limited to name, address and email address will only be collected when voluntarily and knowingly submitted.

We employ the use of cookies on our website. These cookies are not a necessity for the provision of our web services and consequently, we will ask for your consent when you first visit our website.

OOBIT will not sell or share personally identifying information of its clients or users of our websites unless required by law or for the purposes described above. There will be instances where information will be collected including for billing purposes, appraisals, when you use our contact form or feedback to us or to receive information from us.


OOBIT works hard to ensure the privacy, integrity and security of personal information obtained from consumer submission to our sites. We periodically update our security measures to minimise the potential threat from cyber actors. Please be aware of the fact that there are inherent risks associated with the transmission of information via the internet. OOBIT cannot guarantee the security of personal information you submit to our sites. If there are concerns as a result of this declaration, we can revert to other methods of obtaining and providing information including postal mail, telephone, fax and in-person.

OOBIT’s website may contain advertisements and links to other websites operated by third parties. The links are meant for your convenience only. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of these third-party materials. Visitors to those sites should refer to their separate privacy policies and practices before disclosing personal information.

Your Information

OOBIT does not sell or rent personal information regarding our clients and their customers to any third party. The provision of your personal and or organization information regarding yourself and including any information on your clients and or customers will only be used for the purpose of providing to you and administering our products and services.

OOBIT may use your personal information collected from you for the purpose of providing you with electronic newsletters & text message alerts.  However, should you wish to remove your details from our mailing list – simply click ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of our email OR by replying STOP to our text alerts & your request will be activated as soon as possible.

There will be no attempt to identify users or their browsing activities except in the unlikely event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect server logs. The statistics and log files may be preserved indefinitely and used at any time and in any way necessary to prevent security breaches and to ensure the integrity of the information supplied by OOBIT.

OOBIT’s websites log IP addresses (unique computer identifier through which you are connected to the internet) to track user sessions whilst ensuring the user remains anonymous. This data is utilised for statistical and trend analysis purposes including which website areas users are visiting frequently, how long they spend on the site and in certain areas. In general, we do not link your IP address to any personally identifiable data. In instances where session information is not anonymous, OOBIT will give you appropriate notice as well as the option to ‘opt out.’

OOBIT may also use information about your session or about you for research or to improve our website and available service offering.


Various sources have been used in the compilation of the opinions and information included on this website. The material does not necessarily reflect the views of OOBIT and its staff. In as much as we attempt to keep all information and content up to date, however we make no guarantees or warranties about the availability and reliability of links, products, information, services or related graphics contained on our website.

It is the sole responsibility of the consumer to ensure that all product, service or information available on this website meets your requirements. You acknowledge the fact that all content on the OOBIT website might contain inaccuracies and OOBIT is excluded from any liability for these potential errors to the fullest extent permitted by law and regulations. Consumers are warned and aware that use of information on our website is entirely at your own risk, and OOBIT shall not be liable in any way. 

OOBIT is not legally or financially responsible for loss or damage incurred in relation to your use of our website. This includes omission or errors made in our documentation, as well as goods or services we may advertise and showcase.

OOBIT does not accept any responsibility for information provided on our website from third parties. Furthermore, all links and articles are for informational purposes only. Putting up content is not an endorsement of opinion as OOBIT is only suggesting an interest piece and none of the content should be taken as advice.

OOBIT will remove any comments that are inappropriate without notice.

Our website and its content are copyright of OOBIT (registered as Do IT Differently PTY Ltd). We do not permit reproduction of material or documentation from this website for commercial use.

All logos, images and material created by OOBIT on this website must only be reproduced with prior written consent by our team, if the intent is to use for commercial purposes. We allow printing, downloads and access to link contents for personal use.