Secure Disk
For BitLocker

The “BitLocker Drive Encryption” integrated in Windows is becoming more and more established as the standard for encrypting notebooks and desktops. But many companies are confronted with additional requirements in order to be able to guarantee smooth operation in a professional and heterogeneous environment.

Secure Disk for BitLocker is an extension for Bitlocker with which you can continue to map your established authentication methods (user ID / password, biometrics, smart card / PIN), HelpDesk scenarios and software distribution processes in the usual way.

Encryption and authentication solutions for your organization's security
  • Hard disk encryption made in Europe

  • BitLocker pre-boot authentication and functional extensions of the BitLocker client

  • Central BitLocker management

  • File & folder encryption

  • SharePoint encryption

  • USB stick / device encryption

  • Multivendor SmartCard Middleware

  • Container encryption

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 8.1

  • Windows 7

  • Windows Server

  • Windows SQL Server

  • Vmware

Supported Client Platforms

Supported Server Platforms

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