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We help organisations run more efficiently and securely by taking a fresh perspective. Most IT departments have cost and resource constraints which makes it difficult to focus on efficiency in addition to business as usual activities. 

Our team of experts will look beyond the low hanging fruit to identify and remediate areas for improvement. We can assist with your security strategy (including Board level education), audits/audit remediation against most frameworks, Risk Committee setup and management, development of policies and procedures, incident response reviews and cost optimisation (including Automation) for Cloud and legacy environments across people, process and tools. 

The majority of our services are delivered in a cost positive manner where efficiency gains and savings exceed our cost. 

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Solutions To Challenge The Status Quo 

Our overarching mandate is to make you as efficient and secure as possible so you can focus on your core business

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Our aim is to not only keep you and your environments safe and secure but to also keep you out of the media. Our team of experts can assist you with all of your Cyber needs from Governance and Training through to Audits, Testing, Incident Response, Strategy, Red Team, Baselining, Solution Selection and implementation (where necessary). We will work in line with your organisational strategy and risk profile whilst helping you understand where your strategy sits against global best practice.


We have found that many organisations can save 20%-40% in costs through better understanding of their platforms, contracts, infrastructure, usage patterns, needs and processes. We pride ourselves for going beyond the standard tools available in the market and the low hanging fruit most providers offer. Not only can our architects and consultants help you cut cost and improve on efficiency, but they will also help you enhance your reporting and monitoring capability so you can find and fix problems before they occur. We will also help you automate repetitive processes  and tasks so your teams can focus on value add activities.


In line with our core business, we also provide our clients with:

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Business Case Validation

  • Governance 

  • Red Team 

  • Program Recovery

  • Staff Engagement Improvement

  • Strategic Partnering

  • Product Management

  • Go To Market Strategy



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