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At Out Of The Box IT, we specialise in helping you extract maximum value from your Cyber Security, DevOps and Digital Strategy. Regardless of your organisation size, complexity and support model, we believe we can help you improve your services whilst cutting on your operating costs.

We work hard – so you, our client, can sleep at night knowing that your Services are being managed efficiently and securely and you are not paying unessessary costs.

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Solutions to meet your Business objectives 

Our overarching mandate is to make you as efficient and secure as possible so you can focus on your core business without incurring unnecessary cost

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We can help you by either improving on your existing, or building a robust digital solution to allow you to innovate and jump your competition. Most Tier 1 organisations have gaps in their offering despite large budgets and Big 4 consultancies. Our Red team approach to Digital and an eye for innovation will allow you to truly focus on your customer whilst reducing overhead. We are here to help you put the customer at the forefront of what you do. 


Our aim is to not only keep you and your environments safe and secure but to also keep you out of the media. Our team have delivered solutions globally and can assist you with all of your Cyber needs from Governance and Training through to Audits, Testing, Incident Response and solution selection and implementation. We keep a partner agnostic approach when it comes to recommending solutions so that you get the best solution for your needs instead of having us recommend a tool without understanding your unique requirements, risk profile and budget.  


Our architects will setup and manage your Cloud environments in the most efficient way possible. We have found that many organisations can save 20%-40% in cloud costs through better understanding of their platform, usage patterns and needs. We pride ourselves for going beyond the standard tools available in the market and low hanging fruit most providers offer. Not only can we help you cut cost and improve on efficiency, but we will also help you enhance your reporting and monitoring capability so you can find and fix or optimise problems before they occur.



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